Revit add-in InstaCrete for "U" shaped stair.

Revit add-in InstaCrete helps to build the “U” shaped stair from the dialogue box without any difficulty.

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Revit add-ins InstaCrete resources

"U" shaped stair part I – Constructing "U" shaped cast-in-situ concrete stair.

  • All the stairs in InstaCrete are cast-in-place concrete stairs. 
  • The data to construct the stair is provided through the dialogue box. Not a single line is required to be drawn in the graphics window.
  • In this video, you can see three “U” stairs constructed with different data.
  • In Revit modelling, you can not get a smooth join between the waist slab & the floor. This is a long-standing issue which we have tried to resolve.  
  • Let us know how much we are successful?

"U" shaped stair part part II – Editing the stair

In this video, we have edited the existing stairs. We have copied one stair & deleted the other. To do this we have used the Stair manager tool. The bottom picture shows the stair manager dialogue box.

Revit add-in InstaCrete for "U" shape stair
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