Revit add-ins - How to add multiple grid lines using InstaCrete.

Revit add-ins InstaCrete helps to add multiple grid lines at a time in the Revit project file. The new version InstaCrete 2.0 is capable of adding dimensions automatically to the grid lines.

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Grid Part I – Creating new project, inserting & renaming grid lines.

In this video, we will see, how to create a new project?, How to insert gridlines to a project? &  we will also see nomenclature of the grid lines, And how to rename them?
To begin a new project, open the structural metric or imperial template as per your requirement.

It is better to save the blank file with proper file & folder name at a safe place. Then draw the grid lines. The grid lines are very important in a building drawing project. The user places foundations & columns at its intersection points. 

InstaCrete uses grid intersection points to place all building components. That is why Instacrete will not work without the grid lines. In the RCCCAD tab, click, grid to open the grid tool. In the dialogue box, east-west grid lines & north-south grid lines are the lines which are parallel to the x &  y-axis respectively.

Let us have 6 & 5 grid lines & let the distance between them be 3500 & 4000 millimetres respectively. Click ok button to see these grid lines in the graphics window. Nomenclature for horizontal lines is from a, b, onwards & for vertical lines is from 1, 2, likewise.

Double click the name to change it. You Can not change the nomenclature after placing the building components on the grid intersections points. 

Grid Part II – Adding grid lines at unequal distance, delete & insert grid lines.

We will see, How to add grid lines at an unequal distance? How to insert &  delete grid lines?
Let us place grid lines at unequal distances. Open the grid dialogue box by clicking the RCCCAD tab & grid tool respectively.

Suppose, we have 5 grid lines in the east-west direction. Select non-uniform distance. In the table, write down the distances. The distances are, 3250, 3500, 3650 & 3150 . As there are five grid lines, we have four pairs. All distances are in millimetres.

In the north-south direction, let us have six grid lines at 3500 millimetres.
Click ok button to place the grid lines. Observe these lines in the graphics window & Check a few distances.

Now, we will see, how to add or delete the grid lines.
Open the box by pressing the enter key. Click the delete button. Delete the grid line by clicking over it. Press enter key to open the grid manager box. Click the insert button & select the grid line.

Name the new grid line as seven & distance equal to 3500 millimetres. The negative distance puts the gridline towards the left side of the vertical line. Hit the ok button to add the grid line. This time let us select a horizontal line.

Name the line as F & let the distance be minus 1000 millimetres.
Click ok button to add the grid line.
In this way, we can add & delete the grid lines.

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