InstaBar - How to extract rebar quantities?

InstaBar helps to extract rebar quantities within a few clicks.

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Instabar | Extracting rebar quantities.

Haven’t we calculated Rebar quantities sometimes in our carriers?

We all know how it is difficult.

Here is the solution.

Instabar extracts the rebar quantities from the drawing In a few seconds. The output is given in the excel file.

Today I am going to demonstrate the rebar quantities tool in the Revit plug-in InstaBar.

We are going to draw rebar quantities from these two column towers. They are on A1 & A2 grids.

Hit the tool Rebar quantities.

As we want quantities of foundations & columns, select these two boxes.

Decide the file name & its path by hitting browse.

Click the okay button.

See this message, successfully completed.

Let us open this file.

In this file, there are two tabs.

You will find rebar quantities of foundations in the FoundationSteel tab.

These two rows display the rebars quantities in foundation A-1.

January is the phase of the foundation on A1. Naturally, the rebars in that foundation will have the same phase property.

You can also see the bar length & total bar length.

Similarly, these two rows show the rebar quantity in the A2 foundation.

You can evaluate InstaBar for 15 days.

Download it from the site

columnSteel tab displays the column rebar quantities.

The first column is the Mark column. You can see bar quantities on the A1 grid. They begin from level two & end at level 8. The rebar quantities are segregated according to their diameter.

The phase column displays quantities from January to June.

Similarly, these rows of the table display quantities in the A2 column.

Using this table you can calculate the phase-wise costing of the rebars.

This Revit plug-in InstaBar helps to generate rebars for foundations & columns. Within the next few months, we will be extending its capability to beams & slabs.


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