InstaCrete 2.0

A revit plugin to build a concrte
structural model which is ready for 4D & 5D analysis.


InstaCrete 2.0 Features

Consists of 30 tools

InstaCrete consists of thirty tools with several features. It’s full automation software for the concrete structural modelling in Revit.

Tall buildings

Manage the project through dialogue boxes

The engineer can place & edit the structural objects from the various dialogue boxes. It’s like a data entry job. You feed the data in the tables  & the software takes care of building the model.

Accurate concreting cost.

Concrete settings tool takes care of the fluctuating concrete cost during the execution of the building project.

Place objects symmetrically.

Using InstaCrete the user can place foundations, columns & beams at a symmetrical position.
It can place thirty objects at a time.

Better management of grid & levels.

User can place multiple grids & levels at a uniform or non-uniform distances along with the dimensioning using the dialogue boxes. 

Creates quantity take-off reports in Excel.

The user can apply conditional filters & grouping criteria to get the quantity & costing reports in Excel format.

Automation in stair modelling.

InstaCrete builds single flight stair, stair with landing(s), dog-leg stair, “U” stair & “L” stair. Insert the proper data into the dialogue boxes to build the stair model.


A smooth joint between stair & floor.

Gives a smooth joint between the stair & the floor. This resolves a long-standing issue.

MEP coordination.

The opening tool creates holes in the columns, beams, floors & walls. A tolerance value can be applied to the opening. This feature helps to coordinate between structural & MEP designers.

Cantilever beam

Complex shapes of Cantilever Beams.

The Modelling of the complex shape cantilever beams is possible through the dialogue box. 3D modelling knowledge is not necessary. 

InstaCrete is easy to learn.

InstaCrete uses almost a similar process to construct the concrete model. Various dialogue boxes control the process of modelling. There is no need for the user to work in the graphics window. Hence the learning curve is very short.

Data-rich model.

All the dialogue boxes have the facility to apply & edit the data such as cost & phase to the model. The phase property helps for the 4D analysis of the project.

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