A revit add ons which Animates the
project accordingto schedule.

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InstaSys Features

InstaSys helps in 4D analysis of the project.  


Auto mode

Animation can be done in automatic mode.


Manual mode

There is also a manual mode of animation.


Grouping of schedule

Grouping of the schedule is possible during the animation.


Schedule display

User can display schedule  during the animation.


Project information

InstaSys displays a brief information of the project like cost & quantity during the animation.

timing 100x100


Timing can be set for the auto mode of the animation.


Can InstaSys be used on any Revit project? old or new?

Yes. InstaSys can be used on all projects where, the building objects have the phase property.

To which versions of revit is Instasysy is compatible with?

InstaSys is compatible with Revit 2014/15/16/17/18/19/20. Infact it is compatible with all versions of Revit.

How Instasys can be used on old projects where, phases have not been used?

Open the old project. Create the phases. Select the building objects & apply the phase property from the properties palette.

How instasys can be used on big projects where, there are number of phases?

Make groups of the phases. InstaSys will make the calculations & display the groups  during the animation.

Which keyboard keys can be used in manual mode of animation?

User can can click the next button on the screen during the animation or use the enter key.

Can I instasys be used for MEP Project?

InstaSys can be used on all types of projects  Architectural, Structural or MEP

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