Addon for Revit- InstaCrete's floor manager builds the floor effortlessly.

The floor manager in the addon for Revit, InstaCrete helps to build a structural floor model. The floor is built using the dialogue box. 

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Structural floor/ slab I – Adding a raft slab.

In this video tutorial, I will construct a raft slab at Level 1. See, how, the raft slab is automatically punctured by the structural columns.
The Revit add-on “InstaCrete” is a complete automation tool for BIM. All the construction objects are modelled using various dialogue boxes.
You can see the floor is constructed without drawing a single line in the graphics window.

Structural floor/ slab II – Constructing a slab.

In this video tutorial, we will add a slab/ structural floor to the model. The first step while constructing a slab is to define the area. Then note the horizontal & vertical grid lines which bound that slab area.

Structural floor/ slab III – Constructing a slab.

In this video tutorial, we will construct a slab covering the whole area. The main aim of this video is to demonstrate that, how instaCrete makes the calculations. It calculates all the columns & beams bound by the grid lines. Then at the column & beam positions holes are created automatically in the slab.

Structural floor/ slab IV – Constructing & editing structural floors/ slabs.

In this video tutorial, I will construct two slabs. One with an off-set value & another a sunken slab. Then,   I will demonstrate how to edit them using the structural floor tool. 

Following dialogue box helps to buld the structural floor in the Revit model.

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