Revit plugin InstaWall for Rebar modelling– How to draw hundreds of walls in a minute?

Revit add-ins InstaWall helps to add hundreds of walls in a Revit project file.

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Wall Builder – Creates hundreds of walls & places tags & dimensions automatically.

We often draw these type of walls.

You can see these are all single type of walls with equal lengths, equal offsets. They are with a definite pattern.

When we face such a situation, we first draw a wall. Then we copy it horizontally & then vertically. Then we place the wall tags & then we put the dimensions.

This whole process can be done in a single step. Want to see it? Stay tuned.

In this video, I am going to demonstrate, How to place walls in a definite pattern using the “wall builder”.

Recently, we have published a new Revit app, “InstaWall”. The main purpose of this app is to generate rebars for the wall. This app has 8 tools. These 7 tools help you to generate a 3D rebar model for the wall. This first tool, “Wall Builder” helps you to create the wall model with a pattern.

InstaWall is compatible with Revit 2016, 17, 18, 19, 20 & 21.

The “wall builder” is a free tool. You can load InstaWall on your computers & use wall builder forever without any cost.

Download InstaWall.
Use “wall builder”.
Give your suggestions.

Let us begin the demonstration. In this file, you can see, I have already drawn the grid lines. Now, open the wall builder.

We will first build the horizontal walls.

Select the wall type.

Select base level as level 1.

Let the top offset value be minus 300.

Copy these walls to the top floor.

As I want to draw horizontal walls, select “H”.

I want the wall tag at 600 & the dimension at minus 600.

In the table, select the A1 grid point.

Let wall-length be 1500 & perpendicular offset be 100.

Now, let us select the A2 grid point.

Let the wall length be 3000 & minus 1500 & 100 be the offset values.

Go on selecting the grid points.

& then hit the okay button.

Let us observe these walls.

You can see the dimensions & the tags.

Now, I am going to build the walls in the “Y” Direction.

I will repeat the process but this time select “V”

In this way, you can build hundreds of walls at a time.

It’s Easy.
Very Fast.
Perfectly accurate.
Try it.

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