Revit tool- InstaWall | How to add rebars in a wall with the openings?

This Revit tool InstaWall is capable of generating rebars for a wall with minimum efforts.

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Wall with opening - | How to add rebars in a wall which have openings?

Placing rebars around an opening in the wall is a challenging task. Specifically, placing these inclined rebars in the corner.

But, not anymore my friends. Revit add-in “InstaWall” can do this for you very easily. Make the rebar settings & select the wall & the opening. Your clash-free rebar model is ready.

Would like to see it? Let us jump into it.

In this video, I will set these three tools in action.

First, I will place the horizontal rebars, then the vertical bars.

I will follow it with the placing of bars around the opening.

Then, I will devote the last part of the video to place rebars around the opening which are at the different positions in the wall.

Let us place rebars in this wall which is having a door opening.

I will begin by placing the horizontal bars on the left side of the door.

Open this tool.

Set the rebar settings & hit the okay button.

Whenever you are running a tool, the software is guiding you from the status bar. So, if you don’t know the next step, look for support at the status bar.

Here you can see, the tool is asking you to select the wall. So, select the wall.

Now it says, “click to enter start point for the rebar.”

So click on the left edge of the wall. 

Now it says, “click to enter end-point for the rebar.”

Click on the left edge of the opening.

These two points have defined the length of the rebar.

Now, to define the span for the distribution of the bars,

Click the bottom of the door opening.

Then click the top of the door opening.

You can see the result & the tool returns you to the dialogue box again.

As I don’t want to make any changes in the settings hit the okay button.

This time place the rebars on the right side of the door.

In the dialogue box, change the desired settings & hit the okay button.

Place the rebars on the top of the door opening.

Now, I will place vertical bars.

In the box, configure the rebar settings.

As we have used 12-T as the diameter for the horizontal rebars, select the same from the bar diameter list.

Hit the Okay button.

Follow the instructions on the status bar.

After placing the vertical bars on the left & right side of the door, let us place the vertical rebars on the top of the door opening.

In this way, we have finished the job of placing horizontal & vertical rebars in the wall.

Now its time to place the bars around the opening.

In this dialogue box set the settings.

The rebar diameter of the horizontal bars is 12T, select the same from this box. This way we ensure that we create a clash-free rebar model.

Select the wall & then the opening.

Let us observe the reinforcement.

These are the walls with the openings at different positions.

I want to demonstrate the capability of the InstaWall. Which identifies the opening positions & accordingly models the rebars at the appropriate places.

Use InstaWall.

Share your thoughts.

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