Add-in for Revit - How to add multiple levels at a time using InsraCrete?

Add-in for Revit – InstaCrete’s level tool helps to add multiple levels at a time. The user can also add these levels at variable distances.

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Levels Part I – Inserting & editing (renaming) levels in a project.

In this video, we will see, How to insert levels in a project?  We will also see, how to rename them?
As we all know, levels define the height of the building. They define each story of the structure.

Instacrete users can add levels from any view. Now, let us add six levels to the project. Open the level manager dialogue box by clicking the RCC CAD tab & the level tool. Here at the top, you can see three options. Upon selecting all these three options, three types of plan views appear in the project browser. They are namely, the structural plan, ceiling plan & the floor plan.

Select this structural plan. Place value six as the number of levels and the distance between them as 3000 millimetres.

Click ok to add the levels to the project.
Open the south elevation for the observation purpose.

By default, a structural template has two levels, 3000 millimetres apart. We added six levels. That is why we have eight levels in total.

Double click the level name so that we can change its name. Let the new name be Base Level. Press enter key to change the name. In the warning message box click yes.

The level 1 changes to base level in the project browser.

Levels Part II – Inserting levels at unequal distances & editing.

In this session, we will see, how to insert levels at an unequal distance? & How to insert & delete levels?

I will open the south elevation.
There are two levels in the structural template, 3000 millimetres apart. Let us change this distance to 4500 millimetres. It is always advisable to change this distance before adding the new levels.

To insert more levels, click on the level tool. We are going to insert five levels. Select non-uniform distance. In the table add the values, 4250, 4000, 4000, 4000 & 4000 millimetres.

Click on the okay button to insert the levels in the project.
Open the plan view.

Open the level manager & click the delete button. As we can’t delete the level in the plan view we see this message. Close this message box. Same happens with the add button.

So, to use add & delete levels we must use an elevation or the sectional view.
In the east view let us once again open the level manager. Click the delete button, click on the level line to delete it.

Click Insert button in the level manager box. Click the cursor on the level, name the level as Level 7 & distance 4000 millimetres. Click ok to insert the level.
Note that, the negative distance puts the level below the selected level line.

The following dialogue box i.e. level manager helps to add the levels.

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