Revit app-InstaCrete - How to add beams in Revit. (Beam by selection)

Revit app InstaCrete helps to add the beams at the specified grid points using the tool, “beam by selection.” 

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Beam by selection I - Adding the beams.

In this tutorial, we add a few beams in the drawing & see the general usage of this tool. “Beam by selection” tool helps to construct a beam on non-sequential grid points.

In this drawing, we will construct beams at A1-A3, A3-A6. Open the beam by selection manager. In this dialogue box, the left portion helps us to build the beam & right portion helps us to manage all the beams constructed by this tool.

Now let us construct the beams. Select reference level 2 from the pull-down menu.  Select any beam size. Select A1 & A3 as the first & second grid points. Let the user name be B1. Select phase & concrete mix. Hit okay. Observe the beam in the drawing. Repeat the procedure to build the beam at A3-A6.

Now, I am going to construct a beam from A6 to F6. Reopen the box. I will repeat all the procedure which I have previously done to construct the beam. Press the okay button. We see an alert message, “can’t create beam at the location A6-F6. As there is no column at F6 the beam can’t be created.

Beam by selection II - Editing the beams.

In this tutorial, we will see how to edit the beams.

Let us open the dialogue box. Select the reference level two. Observe the table. We can see both the beams with all the details. Change beam size which is on A1-A3 location. Change the phase & concrete mix. Select none as the beam size for the beam on A3-A6.

We can use the buttons, grid, user name, next & previous to navigate through the beam data. This we have seen for quick beams.

Hit the okay button & observe the drawing.

See the following picture showing the dialogue box for the tool beam by selection.


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