Mivan formwork design in 3D. A new approach!

Aluminium/ Mivan formwork

More accuracy, as we depend less on imagination.

Our design is independent of the engineer's imagination since we design in 3D.

Integrated design

The complete design is available on laptops and mobile devices. Clients can access it from anywhere at any time. Using mark-up tools, he can suggest changes in the design. All mock-ups and fabrication drawings are included in the design. We also provide the design in the pdf format.

Clash free design

Our design is clash-free. Hence there won’t be any delays at the construction site.

Matching holes

We promise you perfectly matching holes between adjacent components. You won’t need a drilling machine on the site.

AR/VR compatibility

We check the design at 1:1 scale using the VR glasses. A VR-compatible file is provided to the client.

Packing list

Flat-wise Bill of material in Excel format is provided..

Skirting grooves

Panels come with provision for skirting grooves. A separate fabrication drawing is provided.

Plumbing grooves.

Panels at the position of pipes are provided with appropriate ridges.

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