Revit Add-ins InstaCrete

Revit Add-ins InstaCrete - 18 Frequently Asked Questions

The users of Revit add-ins InstaCrete do ask many questions. We have answered their queries. If you have more please send them to  

  1. Download instaCrete from
  2. Double click the downloaded file.
  3. Open Revit when the installation process is complete.

You will find InstaCrete under RCC CAD menu

Revit is the software which belongs to Autodesk Inc. USA. It is used by Architects, Engineers, contractors, construction companies, MEP designers etc.

Plug-in is a software which adds to the features of Revit.  Many times plugin or add-in helps to achieve a certain result in the original software. For example, InstaCrete is Revit plugin with 22 tools & it saves more than 30% of modelling time.

No. InstaCrete can’t be used on an old project file. InstaCrete should be used on a fresh project file.

Yes. You can use it. InstaCrete reads all the grids & levels.

Yes. You can. Change its nomenclature before beginning the modelling. You should not change its name when you have construction objects over them.

InstaCrete builds the database as you go on adding the objects to the model. The automation is achieved because of this database. You will lose this automation if you use the cut, copy, paste, redo, undo or delete tools.

When the user starts using these commands a database is automatically created in the Excel format. These excel files are saved in the folder named as RcccadDataProjectexample1. In this case, example1 being the name of the project file. This folder is created in the folder where you have saved the project file. So, if you save the project file on D drive in the testing folder, RcccadDataProjectexample1 folder will be saved in the testing folder on D drive.

No. You should not edit or delete the data files & the folder. Because if do that you will lose the automation.

When you add objects into your model a database is created. If you use undo & redo tool those objects are removed or added to the model. Simultaneously, the database is not updated & hence you will lose automation for the future modelling process.

All the instaCrete dialogue boxes are capable of building as well as editing the model. When the user uses these dialogue boxes to build as well as to edit the model the database is automatically updated. Hence the user will not lose the automation for the future Revit modelling.

As there aren’t any concrete setting in a fresh file,  the dialogue box is empty. Hit the add button to add the settings.  

Draw a grid line at the required offset distance & then place the foundation over it.

No. You will not face any difficulty in future while carrying out Revit modelling. The provision to add this data is there so that a construction company or the contractor is benefitted. They can extract phase-wise costing in the reports.

No. At the moment InstaCrete supports to build the model of 5 types of stairs. Namely, single flight, stair with landing, dog leg, “U” shaped & “L” shaped stair.

No. InsaCrete presently does not support the railing model. However, in future, we will certainly add this feature.

You can download InstaCrete here. Or else you can also use the Autodesk website to download the 15 days trial. Click here.

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