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Concrete settings I – See, how a Revit plugin is used to calculate the accurate concrete cost.

The revit addon “InstaCrete” easily calculates the cost of concrete. It takes care of various concrete grades & easily takes care of the cost fluctuation during the execution of the project.

Download the free trial of InstaCrete from or it is also available from the Autodesk site.

Concrete settings II – Concrete cost setting & editing.

In this video, we will define the concrete mix & its cost. Then we will edit the cost.
is very important to save the project file before invoking this tool. Otherwise, the software prompts you to save the file.
Concrete settings tool helps the user to define the concrete mix & its cost.  Click RCCCAD tab & then click the concrete settings tool. In the dialogue box, click the add button. Put M 40 as the concrete mix value & its cost as 5000. Click the save button. Again click the add button and put the values as M45 & 5500. Click the save button. Click the cross to close the dialogue box.
During the course of the project, The cost of the concrete changes many times. In such a scenario, reopen the tool concrete settings & change the cost. Click the save button. Hit the cross to close the box.
In this way, the user can add more concrete mixes & edit the cost in the concrete settings tool. This flexibility of the software, to be able to edit the cost during the execution of the project, helps, to predict the perfect cost.