See, how InstaSys helps 4d in the process of construction.

Importance of 4D in BIM/ construction process.

4D or project management is a very important aspect of the construction industry. It affects the cost as well as the final handover timing of the project. The animation of the digital model/3D model according to the schedule can give us a good insight into the project.

Problem in Revit

We are using Revit since 2006. We face problem while showcasing the model to the client. We use to demonstrate different phases of the project using the properties box. It was not possible to animate the model according to the schedule. Having faced this problem many times, we developed InstaSys.

InstaSys the solution

InstaSys for 4d in Revit dialogue box

InstaSys can animate the Revit project according to the schedule provided by the project management team. You can animate the model in two modes. Automatic mode or manual mode. You can group the phases if you are tackling a large project. So if it’s a project of 100 phases, you can group 4 or 5 phases together so that the animation can have 25 to 20 slides respectively. 
You can use manual mode to provide additional information about that particular phase or schedule in the form of labels. The additional information could be the cost of the project or the quantities or the name of the contractor so on.
You can see all the features here.


  1. Create phases according to the schedule provided by the project management team.
  2. Apply the appropriate phase to the appropriate model components.
  3. Use InstaSys.

InstaSys can be used for Architectural, MEP, Structural, Infra or Interior decoration project in Revit.

You can download the trial version of InstaSys from –

or from the Autodesk site –

Contct us to buy it –


InstaSys is a cost-effective tool which helps the Revit user to animate his model according to the schedule. The label feature which is available in InstaSys gives the additional benefit of giving more information about the project during the project demonstration.

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Vikram Baraskar is the founder director of the RCCCAD IT Solution Pvt. Ltd. He is a civil engineer by profession. He has got over 25 years of handling construction projects, teaching CAD software. He has carried out over 6 million sq. ft. of RCC auditing & Revit modelling work. 
He loves all sports with a special liking to chess.

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